Ecolines Operator Work Space

Real-time bus route management in an interactive way.

All Ecolines vehicles are visible on the interactive map which clearly reflects the real-time situation. During accidents or other complications, Ecolines is able to select the nearest repair shop, bus stop or bus that can pick up additional passengers.

Bus breakdowns are prevented 20 times faster.

A bus ticket is not just a piece of paper anymore

Ecolines Operator Work Space, or OWS, is a system that uploads information about buses, passengers, and control stations. The system shows company’s current buses, their routes, driver information, destinations, purchased tickets, and even the presence of passengers on buses. The system is designed to a level where the employee does not need a complex training process; the system is interactive and user friendly. Any employee can access the system and the data remains on the cloud storage. Now buying the Ecolines ticket it is no longer a piece of paper, it is a guarantee for the passenger to get to its destination.

Ecolines states

Insufficient communication between buses and dispatchers is a problem with Ecolines. Ecolines expects that increasing the operator's ability to deal with issues related to transfers or vehicle breakdowns may result in additional customer reliability and drastic reduction in administrative costs.

Our Solution

Ecolines OWS – a system that reflects bus information in real time.

Ecolines obtains

Unified bus control system in real time. Passengers are able to determine seat availability. Easy and interactive platform. Customer safety guaranty on using Ecolines services.

Uniform graphically designed bus operator system