Supercharge Your Offline Business with Audience Analytics and Business Intelligence

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Are you ready to catapult your offline business to new heights? Join our exclusive webinar, where we'll unlock the secrets of boosting your results with DISPL's innovative audience analytics and Business Intelligence tools!


5 Game-Changing Reasons to Join

  • Unlock the potential of AI-powered audience analytics to supercharge your business
  • Uncover the magic of integrating Business Intelligence and marketing tools for a 360° view of your business
  • Streamline daily operations by syncing data into your ERP and CMS
  • Explore the world of data lakes, and learn how AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud can elevate your business
  • Network with industry leaders and like-minded professionals to share ideas and best practices​

This is your chance to unleash the full potential of your business with the insights and tools that will help you drive skyrocketing sales results and make confident decisions! Don't miss this opportunity to level up your business and secure your spot today!

Date & Time
ceturtdiena jūnijs 08, 2023
11:00 12:00 (Europe/Riga)


--SIA Midis & DISPL--

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