Custom Software Development for Business

We develop customized software solutions that help businesses meet today's and tomorrow's challenges.

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Software development for business

Today's business environment is changing so fast that adaptation is an integral part of it, and IT solutions need to be flexible. 

We develop business software that helps customers meet today's and tomorrow's challenges by adapting to new opportunities.

Benefits of a software development service collaborating with us

Save time and money

The experience and knowledge of our team allow you to perform complex tasks using proven development tools and methods, increasing the value of the project.

A team that thinks outside the box

Experience in many industries and development allows us to deliver a flexible product and will meet the company's challenges in the future.

We can start working on the project quickly

We are flexible and can start a project in up to 14 days. We feel comfortable even when the time is limited.

Scrum delivery

We develop projects according to an iterative method, which allows us to implement the project in production at its early stage.

Looking for talented and skilled software experts who know the ins and outs of your industry?

Software development services

Custom software development

ERP and CRM system development/integration

HR systems development

Application development

Software testing and support

Web development

Website development

Online store development

E-commerce systems development

Integration/development of content management systems

Mobile app development

iOS app development

Android app development

Flutter app development

Hybrid application development

We’ll develop a valuable IT solution for your business!

Software development process

Stage 1
IT strategy and concept

Our collaboration begins with planning the company's IT strategy and offering a concept.

Stage 2
Analysis and prototyping

We analyze business processes and develop a prototype.

Stage 3 
Software solution development

We develop the IT solution iteratively according to the customer's system requirements. 

Stage 4 
Delivery of a software solution to the production environment

We plan the delivery process in detail to be as efficient as possible.

Stage 5 
Maintenance, consulting, improvement

We respond quickly to customer applications in the daily use of the IT solution.

Applied software development methodologies


According to the Scrum methodology, we develop when the client needs to run the project quickly, and the tasks are completed according to priorities.


According to the KanBan methodology, we develop when the priorities of the customer's needs change quickly, and a quick response to the changes is required.


According to the ScrumBan methodology, we develop when the client needs to run the project quickly and maintain it.

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Software development solution maintenance and support


We treat every customer and project carefully. To ensure the smooth operation of the IT solution, we offer a maintenance and improvement service. When concluding a maintenance contract, following a certain period and performance indicators, we will perform complete system maintenance, improvement works and, if necessary, conduct training and consulting for system users.


We adhere to best practices during development by providing secure code and multiple code checks by experienced experts and team leaders. Our test engineers help prevent information leakage by locating vulnerabilities in your IT product.

 DevOps nozīme

The use of DevOps methods, combined with the Agile methodology in project management, allows us to provide efficient development and delivery processes and early and regular product versions available to customers. It gives us unified and automated product testing and delivery processes.


Quality assurance reduces the time to market, meets end-user requirements, and increases revenue. We provide each of our projects with a qualified tester who delves into business issues, resulting in added value in code and functionality testing.

The technologies we use to develop software



.NET Core 3.1

.NET Core 3.1

.NET 5

 .NET 5

.NET 6

 .NET 6

MS Visual C#

 MS Visual C#








Angular 2+


Android development


iOS development


Flutter development


Dart development


Bloc Development


Cloud solutions



Google Cloud

Are you ready for a successful software development project?

Experience in industries

Midis team designs and implements Open Source and .Net software development solutions for a project of any complexity. We have extensive experience in many business sectors.


Passenger & Cargo transportation


Real estate

Health care



Inventory management

IT partnerships

Why do customers choose us?

Our work



Ecolines expects that increasing the operator's ability to deal with issues related to transfers or vehicle breakdowns may result in additional customer reliability and drastic reduction in administrative costs.


Ecolines OWS – a system that reflects bus information in real time


Unified bus control system in real time. Passengers are able to determine seat availability. Easy and interactive platform. Customer safety guaranty on using Ecolines services.

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