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Angular Development

Angular is an open-source web application framework based on TypeScript. It is used for everything from complex single-page web application projects that can be scaled to enterprise-level solutions such as ERP. The Angular ecosystem is built on a large community of developers, enabling you to build applications with high performance quickly.

  • ​Component-based framework - enables the development of scalable business solutions.
  • A set of integrated libraries that covers a wide coverage of functionality: routing, form management, communication with the client's server, etc.
  • A broad set of developer tools - the developer is provided with everything to be able to do his work more efficiently: develop, test, and update the code.

Business challenges we can solve

A dynamic web application solution

Angular provides the ability to integrate with other systems and meet specific business needs, allowing you to create a dynamic solution.

PWA (Progressive Web App)

Angular allows you to create Progressive Web Apps that are fast and performant. They work seamlessly on mobile and desktop devices.

An enterprise app development

Angular provides the developer with all the necessary power to develop large projects.

IT product development services

Custom Business Solution

Business Portals

CMS Development/Integration


Single-page Website

E-commerce Systems

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Why choose Angular?

MVC Design

The model-view-controller design enables fast, scalable, and easy-to-maintain solution development.


Angular's code structure and widely-used techniques allow you to reduce web page load speed while improving the user experience.

Cross-platform solution

Angular is easy to use in both web and mobile app development projects.

Flexible Development

Angular is a component-based architecture, which makes it easy to reuse development components.

Two-way data binding

The user interface is automatically updated as soon as the data model changes. This significantly saves time in the development process.


Angular was developed and maintained by Google. It is constantly updated and has gained immense popularity among developers.

Cooperation models

Time and material

  Project duration from 14 days

  • Additional experts (DevOps, BA, QA, PM) 
  • In cases when business and technical requirements, timelines, or costs cannot be accurately determined. The project can be divided into phases, controlling the scope of the budget. 

Fixed budget

  Projekta ilgums no 3 mēnešiem

  • Detailed requirements and specification
  • In cases where you have well-defined business and technical requirements with a predetermined project schedule.

Dedicated team

Project duration from 12 months

  • A team of experts for your project needs
  •  In cases where you plan long-term cooperation, you have a project and need a team of experts with specialized technological and business sector knowledge.

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