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Python Development

Python is one of the world's most popular server-side programming languages, which can be used for a wide range of solutions, such as website and business application development, data engineering, artificial intelligence, machine learning, data analysis, and other innovative projects.

Business challenges we can solve

A business needs to test its idea

If you have an idea for your business and want to test it as soon as possible, ready-made frameworks like Django can help you build a prototype and test the viability of your idea in no time.

A business needs a solution that interacts with devices

Python's programming capabilities and simple syntax enable the development of highly customized IoT applications.

When you need to integrate different solutions on the same platform

The Midis team will help you bring all your solutions together on one platform using the Python API, making it easier to manage your business processes in one place. 

A business needs a cloud-based solution

A dynamic application solution in the cloud will help you process information faster from any location and device. 

Custom development solutions using Python

Business IT product

Web Applications

Web services and APIs

Prototype and MVP

Cloud solutions (AWS, Google, Azure)

Migrating to Python

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Python enables the development of advanced solutions  

Internet of Things

Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence

Data Science & Analysis

Why choose Python technology?


Python has broad applicability. It is used in developing web, mobile, and desktop applications and in artificial intelligence and machine learning projects. 

Fast development

Python is an easy-to-learn programming language that allows you to develop complex functionality with less code. Its standard modules and libraries allow you to solve business challenges in a short period, which accelerates the project development time many times.

Cost reduction

Python allows you to develop applications independently of the platform. A developer can make minor changes to the source code by integrating fragments from other languages such as C++, JAVA, etc. This allows the business to reduce project costs.

Cooperation models

Time and material

  Project duration from 14 days

  • Additional experts (DevOps, BA, QA, PM) 
  • In cases when business and technical requirements, timelines, or costs cannot be accurately determined. The project can be divided into phases, controlling the scope of the budget. 

Fixed budget

Project duration from 3 months

  • Detailed requirements and specification
  • In cases where you have well-defined business and technical requirements with a predetermined project schedule.

Dedicated team

Project duration from 12 months

  • A team of experts for your project needs
  •  In cases where you plan long-term cooperation, you have a project and need a team of experts with specialized technological and business sector knowledge.


Python can be used in projects of various complexity levels and business sectors. Its simplicity and, at the same time, the ability to develop complex functionality is attractive to modern technologies. It is used in application development, IoT, machine learning, and artificial intelligence projects. Our team of experts will provide you with a free consultation to help turn your idea into a finished IT product.

Python is a versatile programming language with a wide range of applications. Using this technology, it is possible to quickly create a prototype and gain more time to launch an IT product on the market, promote it and attract investors. Using Python, you can integrate virtual assistants or IoT into your project, gaining a competitive advantage in your industry.

The project team is assembled according to the needs of the project. The most common team members are:

  • Product owner (on your part).
  • Scrum Master.
  • 1-2 Developers.
  • One business analyst (optional)

Midis provides full-cycle business software product development using the Agile methodology. Project management is based on scope, budget, and schedule. A development project starts with the following:

1. Rough estimates based on your objectives.

You will get an initial figure reflecting the project's total estimated cost. This estimate is based on the information provided on product expectations and requirements. It should include the target users, the purpose, and the issue or problem it intends to address.

2. Product launch online meeting.

In an online meeting, we agree on the frequency of meetings, the development team, the Scrum Master, and who will be the project owner on the client side during the project. We examine the business idea and information about the future product to better determine the required amount of work and budget.

Agile enables a flexible development process, adapting product development to meet today's challenges, which can change rapidly. Consequently, budget management is a joint responsibility of the client and the development service provider.

It is necessary to divide the tasks to be carried out according to the budget and the development team to get a rough estimate of the project timetable.

To better understand the software development process, see a schematic representation.

To ensure a high-quality business software product, Midis QA engineers provide an extensive list of testing services:

  • Testing and consistency check for documentation requirements.
  • Development of testing documentation.
  • Functional testing of software.
  • Software regression testing.
  • Software stress testing.
  • Software performance testing.
  • Software connectivity testing.
  • Installation testing.
  • Automated testing.
  • Security testing.

Yes, we provide maintenance and support services. After the development of the IT product, a separate contract for the maintenance period is concluded. We provide troubleshooting, timely updates, and technical support during this period. We encourage our customers to use our maintenance service. This way, you can be sure that your application is serviced at the scheduled time and have peace of mind that time is reserved for the development team. However, if you choose otherwise, we can always restart the cooperation, but you have to consider that the development team may be available after a while. 

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