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Express.js Development

Express.js is a server-side JavaScript framework. It allows you to develop websites and mobile apps according to today's high standards. The framework's scalability, performance, and speed make it the most popular choice for working with Node.js. 

Software developers can do their job more efficiently using Express.js in their projects, with template engines, simplified routing, and other framework features. It has many built-in features that allow the use of ready-made templates, speeding up the development process while keeping the code neat and clean.

Business challenges we can solve

It is necessary to build a single-page website

Express.js is an excellent framework for creating API integrations. 

It is necessary to build a real-time collaboration app

 Express.js handles the routing and middleware part of the process. Thanks to this capability, the framework allows the development of real-time tools that facilitate the execution of daily tasks in the enterprise.

A real-time streaming app is needed.

Express.js is a great framework that efficiently handles asynchronous data streams and allows you to deploy a streaming application that fits your business.

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Business Portals

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Single-page Website

E-commerce Systems

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Why choose Express.js?


The Express.js ecosystem is flexible and scalable, allowing you to expand functionality as your business needs grow.​

Fast development

Express.js has many ready-made features, tools, and libraries that make building a product faster.  

Cross-platform development

 Express.js allows you to develop a solution that will work across multiple platforms, reducing your project's cost.

Cooperation models

Time and material

 Project duration from 14 days

  • Additional experts (DevOps, BA, QA, PM) 
  • In cases when business and technical requirements, timelines, or costs cannot be accurately determined. The project can be divided into phases, controlling the scope of the budget. 

Fixed budget

Project duration from 3 months

  • Detailed requirements and specification
  •  In cases where you have well-defined business and technical requirements with a predetermined project schedule.

Dedicated team

Project duration from 12 months

  • A team of experts for your project needs
  •  In cases where you plan long-term cooperation, you have a project and need a team of experts with specialized technological and business sector knowledge.

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