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.NET Development

Starting a project

We ensure a short time between the idea and its first realization stages. This allows the client to assess the project better visually and its future application in solving business challenges.

Project development

Our experience provides clients stable and secure applications, from simple web pages to complex multi-tiered apps. Microsoft technologies are widespread in banking, investment industries, and Fintech.

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Business challenges we can solve

Custom business solution development

If your business has specific processes that any ready-made product cannot functionally cover on the market, we will develop a software solution according to unique business needs.

Product solution integration and customization

You sell a product and need to integrate the software with the customer's environment, combine systems into one solution, or develop additional functionality. 

Infrastructure migration to cloud services

 Your business infrastructure is located on local servers, and you want to migrate it to cloud services to optimize costs and daily work processes.

IT product migration and transformation

In case you use technologies that are physically and morally obsolete. In other instances, when your business has outgrown the architecture of your existing solution and is unable to provide a modern approach. We will help you migrate your system architecture to newer technologies and upgrade your outdated solution.

Software support

You need to maintain your existing system and develop new functionality to support business operations.

A data-driven solution

Your existing solution needs an information management platform, or you want to digitize your business and plan to use data correctly from the start.

Custom development solutions using .NET

.NET Applications

ASP .NET Web Applications

.NET Mobile Applications

Cross-platform Applications

Cloud Solutions (AWS, Google, Azure)

Integration with SAP

Integration of ready-made modules

Authorization module

Integration of the unified authorization module

Online payment

Online payment integration with the most popular banks SEB, Swedbank, Citadele, Luminor

Search engine

Integration of search engine Elasticsearch

We apply our knowledge of the client's industry and .NET technological expertise, combined with Agile project management methodology, to deliver a valuable solution.

Projet delivery in test and production environments

We use Continuous Integration (CI) during project development, storing all source code and executable scripts in a common repository. This ensures:

  • easy code management and sharing between multiple developers;
  • integration with other types of products to create deliveries;
  • the latest development version available to the customer at any time.

To ease the workload and reduce project costs, we prepare automated Continuous Delivery (CD), which analyses the code (SonarQube) after each approved code submission, runs automated tests and delivers changes to the required environment after each committed code submission.

Depending on the specifics of the project, we offer the client two basic solutions:

  • AWS CodePipeline - a managed continuous delivery (CD) service that allows you to automate pipeline-type jobs to update product versions and infrastructure as quickly and safely as possible. CodePipeline uses a customer-configured software delivery model and automatically executes the build, test, and deployment activities within this model whenever development code changes;
  • Jenkins - Continuous Delivery and Integration Tool. We use a server container, which can be quickly installed and configured both in the AWS environment and on the client's infrastructure.

General visualization of product delivery stages

The technologies we use

Why choose .NET technology?

Fast delivery

.NET 6 is currently the fastest free framework offered by Microsoft. A broad developer community and AWS infrastructure with available templates allow us to prepare a project in a short period of time and deliver the first results to the client.

A cloud-compatible solution

.NET includes a wide range of cloud-based technologies and software language connectivity, enabling the creation of fast, modern, and scalable applications using AWS, Azure, or Google.

A cross-platform solution

 The structure of the .NET Framework works on different operating systems designed for various devices. This makes the work of developers much easier and reduces the project's cost for the client.


Microsoft pays a lot of attention to product security, which is already built into .NET technology. In addition, we test the software to eliminate security vulnerabilities.

A scalable solution

Depending on the client's needs, a scalable solution is created to meet future business developments and new challenges. Thanks to the technological architecture and connectivity of .NET, we make containers or microservices that can be expanded individually in the future and do not depend on the operating system.

Cost reduction

The .NET framework provides the customer with lower server maintenance costs and much more free and convenient choices. We prepare automated Continuous Deliveries (CD - Continuous Delivery) to ease the workload and reduce project costs.

Cooperation models

Time and material

 Project duration from 14 days

  • Additional experts (DevOps, BA, QA, PM) 
  • In cases when business and technical requirements, timelines, or costs cannot be accurately determined. The project can be divided into phases, controlling the scope of the budget. 

Fixed budget

Project duration from 3 months

  • Detailed requirements and specification
  • In cases where you have well-defined business and technical requirements with a predetermined project schedule.

Dedicated team

Project duration from 12 months

  • A team of experts for your project needs
  •  In cases where you plan long-term cooperation, you have a project and need a team of experts with specialized technological and business sector knowledge.


.NET technology is used in developing various types of business solutions, such as mobile applications, websites, or application software, as well as in projects of different complexity, integrating payment, warehouse accounting, production control, and other systems to create a multifunctional solution for business. This technology is also popular when cross-platform or cloud-based development is required.

Costs vary from project to project based on various factors such as scope, requirements, required functionality, the complexity of technical implementation, and deadlines. Fees can be determined after a free consultation, which we provide both in person and online. During this conversation, we get to know the client's business, its processes, and the goal the client wants to achieve with the solution. This allows us to define user stories, required functionality, technical support, experts involved in the project, time, and budget.

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