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Mobile app development for business

Mobile apps are a great way to build brand awareness, increase customer engagement and drive sales. Apps are essential to business strategy if you want to stay competitive in this digital age.

Why is a mobile app important for business?

Sales promotion

Reaching the target audience with ads and special offers encourages users to purchase. Offering the possibility to pay for a product or service on a mobile application increases the likelihood that a customer will place an order without leaving the platform.

Creating a target audience

The user is not tied to the website. When the app is installed on a mobile phone, the user sees it constantly, and all that is needed is to click on it, which removes the responsibility of memorizing the website.

Analysis of users

The application provides the necessary analysis data. It can tell you about the actions a user is taking. It can be the most visited features, the least visited features, how long the user is in the app, which goods or services are purchased more, etc. 

Automation of business processes

The app will create fast interactions between employees, regardless of their location. It will optimize and automate the critical business processes you need. Document approval, recording of new and completed actions, analysis, and management of all these processes.

Benefits of working with us

Transparent development process

We develop projects using the Agile methodology. Frequent meetings with the client allow us to see the progress of the development and details and prioritize the tasks to be performed so that the client receives and applies the solution in the business faster.

A business-oriented solution

We develop a product that meets the needs of both users and the company. Mobile apps help you optimize and automate everyday tasks.

On-time project delivery

Our experience allows us to deliver projects with high added value to our clients, even in the shortest timeframes.

Midis mobile app development services

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Android app development

Flutter app development

Hybrid app development

IoT development

Business mobility solutions

The mobile app development process

Stage 1
IT strategy and concept

Our collaboration begins with planning the company's IT strategy and offering a concept.

Stage 2 
Analysis and prototyping

We analyze business processes and develop a prototype and application design.

Stage 3 
Mobile app development

We iteratively develop the mobile app according to the client's system requirements.  

Stage 4 
Mobile app delivery to production environment and publishing

We plan the delivery process in detail to ensure maximum efficiency. We publish an app on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Stage 5 
Maintenance, consulting, improvement

We maintain, improve and update the app to a newer version.

Applied software development methodologies


According to the Scrum methodology, we develop when the client needs to run the project quickly, and the tasks are completed according to priorities.


According to the KanBan methodology, we develop when the priorities of the customer's needs change quickly, and a quick response to the changes is required.


According to the ScrumBan methodology, we develop when the client needs to run the project quickly and maintain it.

Midis integration solutions

woman holding Android smartphone

Payment system integration

Integrations with e-commerce platforms, online banking, Banklink, and payment systems such as Paysera, Paypal, etc.

person holding black smartphone

GPS systems integration

Integrations with GPS navigation systems include Google Maps, Apple Maps, Waze, and other popular applications worldwide.

parked trucks

Logistics systems integration

Integrations with logistics systems such as Omniva, DPD, DHL, etc.

person browsing on white monitor

Integrations with external devices and systems

Integrations with IoT devices and other systems such as CRM, ERP, etc.

Mobile app development technologies




React Native

Experience in industries


Passenger & Cargo transportation


Real estate

Health care



Inventory management

IT partnerships

Why do customers choose us?

Our work



Bus services are mostly not used because they are considered to be long and exhausting. To interest potential and regular customers to use bus transportation, it is necessary to entertain every passenger by minimizing the waiting time on the journey.


Ecolines passenger tablet – the platform that provides entertainment options to every passenger.


Offering interactive entertainment to every passenger. Graphically designed and easy platform. Platform startup options for tablets.

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People are increasingly unable to identify what they want to cook. They buy additional products that become useless after using certain recipes.


Ingredient Matcher – an application that offers a delicious meal from existing products.


A system that offers cooking options from certain products Unified recipe base of multiple foods Choice of cooking options.

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Applying for a cleaning service using your smartphone


Allowing the customer to specify the execution of required works at the desired time increases the customer's assurance of service availability. At the same time, the company can control the work process and ensure its execution at the required time.


Bonshine mobile application.


To-do list on a unified platform. Improved speed of customer circulation. A chance to plan the work in the required time.

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