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What is a feasibility study?

It is the first step in achieving a high-quality project result. The essence of the feasibility study is to compare the actual situation of the company with the potential or the desired situation. It shows the ability to identify the challenges of business processes that can be addressed. And it analyses the customer needs, comparing them with the Odoo standard offer. The feasibility study will bring clarity to various business strategies and relevant processes that can revolutionize the growth and productivity of the company.

By completing a feasibility study, the company can receive information about the following:

  • Project implementation time and costs.

  • Process descriptions that will be automated thanks to the software.

  • Analysis of each module based on the workflow and the provided data.

  • Demo account that demonstrates what the end result will be after the implementation of the system.

  • Detailed description of the functions to be implemented.

Midis feasibility study implementation process

Feasibility study – it is individual work with the customer. The key of this process is to understand three important aspects:

  • How the work processes have worked in the company so far.

  • Customer’s preferred vision of the company processes.

  • Appropriate Odoo functionality.

Once the company processes have been studied, we can fully understand how they work. It helps us understand, which activities are important and which can be completely ruled out. As a result, we know how to effectively and efficiently introduce implementation, and which processes should be digitized. Based on this, we can maximize the possibilities and functionality of Odoo. Here we create a division into groups and priorities.

During the implementation of the company processes, it becomes clear what functionality needs to be introduced in the business activities. Here we divide the required functionality into two groups:

  1. Odoo basic functions.

  2. Additional development of Odoo.

The division into groups allows us to organize work efficiently. In the first group, we divide Odoo options that provide the management of business processes with standard functionality. It is worth noting that Odoo ERP has a wide range of standard functionality that covers a large part of the business processes.

In the second group, we include Odoo functionality, which requires further development. Let’s not forget that each company is individual and performs specific activities. Thus we can plan the development time and budget. At this stage, we also agree on whether the customer needs to integrate any software with Odoo. Integration is the process of connecting the Odoo ERP system to third-party software, allowing you to manage everything from a single platform.

As the next step, we highlight the division of priorities. The first group is labeled with higher priority. This gives us the opportunity to arrange the delivery of the service within the next two weeks. The first group, as mentioned above, is Odoo’s standard functionality, which does not require further development, as it covers the basic needs of the business process. Upon receipt of the first deliveries, the customer can already use and learn the Odoo system.

The second group is labeled with lower priority. This is because more time is required for implementation, as additional Odoo functionality is developed. We can guarantee the implementation of complex projects within three to five months when there is a large amount of necessary development of basic functions and additional functionality. Our knowledge and applied architecture in development and implementation allows us to ensure the delivery of the service every two weeks. This gives the customer the ability to learn the functionality gradually.


Once everything is transparent, the customer can calculate and plan the finances and resources that will be required for the implementation of Odoo. 

As a result, we guarantee timely development and delivery of the system. And also, due to the fact that we review all the stages, the customer will clearly understand what the customer receives and what to expect. We demonstrate to the customer how the Odoo system will work in the customer’s company.

Our experience demonstrates that thanks to the feasibility study, customers are able to start implementing the system more efficiently, the process is transparent and it is understandable, therefore customers are able to manage it themselves.

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