Odoo ERP system
All-in-one – a set of company resource management tools

Odoo ERP system is a powerful tool that manages and provides business activities, covering most of the functionality required to manage the operational processes of the company. ERP system manages processes such as CRM, sales, inventory, e-commerce, warehousing, manufacturing, accounting, procurement, human resources, etc. This list can, of course, be expanded. In this article, we will explain why Odoo is a comprehensive tool that includes everything that is required for successful business development.

Management application groups of business operation processes in the Odoo ERP system

Just as any successful path begins with setting goals, with Odoo you also need to understand what you would like to achieve. Once you have your ambitions set, you can find the right functionality for your business. Using the right IT tools will allow operational processes to be taken to a new level, where they are digitised, optimised and more productive. Odoo ERP system modules can be divided into groups, where each is designed to rationalise a corresponding process, but the important point is that these modules are interconnected and exchange the required data, which allows you to speed up the work. 

Sales management applications

The CRM module demonstrates the development stages of the customer, helps to understand the current situation in which the customer is, and whether the customer is ready to sign the agreement or not. The available statistics, which are updated in real time, demonstrate the efficiency of the employee, the customer’s willingness to cooperate, as a result helping the manager to make the appropriate decision.

The sales module helps to create and send an offer and issue an invoice.

The PoS module will streamline work processes and help manage the point of sale. Inventory tracking, real-time product availability and excellent connection to Odoo ERP e-commerce module. A modern and efficient solution. 

Finance management applications

The invoicing module will allow you to manage agreements, recurring invoices and complete timesheets. Automatic invoicing based on the customer’s created offers, preparation of pdf invoices and predefined templates for sending to the customer. Of course, access to analytics and a complete overview of the current situation.

The accounting module will help you manage invoices and expenses, as well as track payments. Extensive options of analytics, easy to create profit, cash flow, balance sheet, profit and loss statements. Data are available in different sections, by time periods, by types of tables. Ability to export tables to Excel spreadsheets. Convenient, fast and efficient.

Product flow applications

The manufacturing module offers a modern solution to old problems. This module will cover all the necessary functionality required for its implementation. Production, quality criteria and guidelines, maintenance and fully integrated product lifecycle management. Manage productivity, using real-time reports, customise information dashboards and track production performance.

The inventory module will be responsible for increasing warehouse efficiency. The module will improve performance and the process execution time. A double entry accounting system will help to better organise the warehouse and use the most efficient method of stock building. Keep track of all stock movements. Modern and automatic replenishment of stock. Reports that are dynamic and generated in real time will allow you to make informed decisions.

The purchasing module will be a great addition to the overall list, as it helps improve delivery and inventory management performance. Automatic settings for the replenishment of stock by sending an application to the suppliers, according to installed procurement, logistics rules and forecast sales and production orders. Possibility to create connection with the supplier by importing price lists, special offers, quantity of goods and agreement conditions. You can set the price based on the prices of the supplier.

Website development constructor

The e-commerce module will provide your customers with a website tailored for mobile devices, which will allow you to create great product pages. Drag and drop capabilities when moving and placing development blocks, according to you preferred layout. Integration with other modules, such as the Sales and Inventory module, will provide automatic inventory adjustments and real-time reporting.

The Website module will help you to create a website easily and quickly, so that your business is visible to customers on the web. When creating content from blocks, simply select the preferred block and drag and drop it, where you would like to place it. Then, choose the desired visual settings. Both the previous modules and the design constructor connect with the other options, expanding functionality and business efficiency, thus scaling and extending the capabilities.

Third party integration using API in the Odoo ERP system

As the Odoo ERP system is open source software, it is possible to increase its functionality with third-party software applications through API integration. This is one of the reasons for why Odoo is one of the fastest growing enterprise resource management systems in the world. Third-party applications further help small and medium-sized businesses to rationalise and make their business processes even more efficient.

Odoo includes at least 35 modules. But to meet the specific needs of your business, Odoo App Store has more than 10,000 apps and plug-ins that extend functionality. These applications add to the basic functionality, thus providing the possibility to make additional payments, connect with the world’s most popular suppliers, exchange accounting data, and more. Below are some of the most popular apps. 

Supply integration

Odoo provides integration option with delivery service providers such as UPS, DHL, DPD and others. If the supplier is not in the Odoo app store, or you provide delivery yourself, we can develop an additional application to automate supply chain management, which will allow you to maintain optimised, continuous operations so that the customer receives your ordered product.

Payment gateway integration

Odoo system has many different ready-made payment system connectors that we can integrate into your business to accept online payments from the customer, regardless of their location, the used device and type of payment. In the case that a ready-made solution is not available, our Midis team will develop such a solution, which can be a local connection to the bank or an international system solution.

Social media integration

Company social media management directly from the Odoo ERP system. Increase your company brand awareness and the number of social network followers at a minimal cost. We also provide development in cases where this type of application is not available or requires additional functionality to increase the management of your social communications with the real-time data exchange capabilities of Odoo.   

SMS gateway integration

It is also possible to create integrations with SMS service providers, which we can implement in your business. This will create collaboration between the SMS service and the ERP system, which expands and digitises business processes. We are able to develop custom applications according to your specifications.

Summarising the Odoo ERP system 

As you can see, the Odoo ERP system really is a comprehensive set of tools. It will integrate any aspect of your business into one user-friendly, organised and optimised platform. By implementing the Odoo ERP system, you will digitise your business, as well as save labour, time and resources. 

Achieve maximum operational efficiency by digitising business operations with optimised return on investment in the form of profitability.

Our Midis team is guided by high standards when implementing the Odoo ERP system and has taken over the implementation principles from Odoo. We guarantee high-quality system integration in the company. Apply for the Demo presentation and learn about the possibilities of digitizing and optimizing business processes in your company!

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