7 reasons for choosing the Odoo ERP system?

It is impossible to create a successful company overnight. It requires experience, skills and business resourcefulness, as well as well-considered operational process management and resource planning. In the business world the situation changes every day, and in order to maintain one’s position or win the competition, it is necessary to use all the available opportunities, including technological solutions to promote efficiency. Individual software solutions, developed to meet the needs of every business unit in today’s fast-paced world, complicate business management. Therefore, it is important for business leaders to quickly make informed decisions based on real-time data provided by ERP systems.   

Implementation of the ERP system is one of the biggest investments a company can make. Thus managers of small businesses believe that this solution is not suitable for them. But it is quite the contrary. This opinion is perhaps reinforced by the fact that, in the beginning, resource management systems were only available to large companies due to their implementation costs and the amount of information they require. However, nowadays, these information technologies are also available to small and medium businesses. Odoo was designed to break this stereotype and make resource management more accessible. All of this is possible thanks to the fact that Odoo is a modular system. It is not the only reason why the ERP system should be introduced. In this article, we will consider at least 7 reasons for integrating the Odoo ERP system into business.

1. Adapting to changing business conditions

Business is characterised by a volatile environment. Trends change every day. Sometimes a company has to invest huge funds to stay competitive in the market. In such situations, the modular system of Odoo allows the company to expand using significantly smaller financial resources for adapting to the necessary changes in the market trends.

2. Decision making, real-time data

Odoo processes data in real time. The ERP system provides the company management, accounting, marketing and sales department with data, so that important decisions can be made in a timely manner when managing sales activities, warehousing resources and other aspects of the business. Timely decisions help protect the company from losses and delays.

3. Increased productivity

Management of all processes from a single system reduces the time employees spend moving from one software solution to another. In such a way, maximum time can be devoted to the most important tasks. It helps employees do more and achieve higher results.

4. Customisation of the ERP system

Odoo can be adapted to specific business needs. Odoo provides a wide range of standard functionality, as well as Odoo partners, develop customized solutions available in the Odoo App Store, creating more than 10,000 app offers that meet a variety of business processes. On the other hand, in cases when finding an application to perform a certain functionality is not possible, it can be developed in cooperation with your Odoo ERP system integration partner. The costs in such cases are relatively lower than for software that requires licenses.

5. Improving cooperation

In order to achieve effective cooperation between employees and departments, data must be provided to them. With the ERP system, data becomes more accessible, and employees can understand the common issues within the company. All invoices as well as other types of documents are generated and stored in the system. Thus communication between departments, suppliers and customers is improved, as all information is systematically processed.

6. Stimulating the competitiveness of enterprises

With fully integrated and customised solutions, Odoo platform covers many needs of small and medium-sized businesses. It is able to handle the required amount of workflow with appropriate organisational requirements. This makes the company up-to-date and allows it to meet the popular society standards.

7. Providing business insights

All data is stored in a single database. Thus, the transparency of the entire business is provided for the company. It allows you to connect to the system at any time and receive activity reports on any process with a few clicks. This data is processed in real time in the system, allowing you to make appropriate decisions at critical moments, based on the numbers.

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