IT Staff augmentation: Tool to reach your project goals

IT is one of the fastest-growing industries globally, as evidenced by this year's report [Source: Research and Markets], which describes the prospects for 2021-2026. The market size expects to grow to $ 1123.57 billion — report based on the growing demand for cloud services and business process automation. There is also an increasing demand for IT services on management and information security management platforms due to new big data technologies and the rising count of connecting devices to businesses. [Source:  Cision PR Newswire]

Based on the forecasts, we can predict that there will be no shortage of work in this area, and the number of new project applications will only increase. As a result, IT service providers face a new challenge in providing a full-fledged IT team. Covering a key employee position can turn into an absolute thriller, where you spend hours searching for and interviewing a candidate, resulting in the unattainable goal of finding a talented programmer or even financial loss to the company. This type of issue will be of interest to IT and companies in other sectors, of which industry experts are part of the staff.

We can solve this with an IT staff augmentation service. This article will explain to you what it is and the technology stack we work with.

What is an IT Staff Augmentation service?

Staff Augmentation is a service relevant to companies with their own IT team. Still, it needs to extend it to mid- or senior-level programming experts, business analysts, DevOps experts, or project managers to cover gaps in project workload or technology expertise missing from the existing IT team.

IT specialists are involved for the duration of the project, for example, one or more months, depending on its length. In this way, the project owner saves time and money compared to the traditional recruitment process. Instead, the client applies for the appropriate skills, sets the terms of reference, and agrees on the pay. This model guarantees the gaining of a talented expert with dedicated skills that will contribute to a successful project outcome.

What is staff augmentation 

Extending Software Development Team: What are the benefits?

Today, technology is evolving at an incomprehensible rate that can change the needs of a business in a matter of months, rendering the previous solution useless. This is a significant risk for software development companies. Adapting to a changing environment becomes increasingly complex, especially if you have a long-term commitment to professionals who must meet the latest standards.

Hiring more IT specialists as one of the strategies to meet market demand is not that simple. It can end up being both costly and risky. Difficult business situations stimulate the search for new solutions, so a service appeared in the IT-sphere - Staff Augmentation.

In compressed schedules and complex projects, increasing staff provides the opportunity to meet all the requirements of the project skills and technology application specification, which in such situations is like a bridge that will connect the skills and knowledge of dedicated staff with the capabilities of your team.

There are many advantages to extending the software developer team; below, we will list the main ones, in our opinion.

Opportunity to add talented experts to the software developer team in project development

Finding high-quality IT Staffing in your city or country has become an extreme challenge. Staffing service provides direct access to specialists according to needs.

Flexible IT expert staffing

The principle of operation is very simple. You can remove the burden of recruiting. The team is extending for the duration of the project with dedicated expert experience and technological knowledge. At the end of the project, if the specialist is no longer needed, the cooperation ends.

Financial benefit

Expanding the IT team allows you to use financial resources cost-effectively. With talented programmers, the spending is for the project's duration, reducing the long-term costs associated with specialist fees, benefits, and taxes.

Midis Staff Augmentation service

Our company's experience in the IT industry is 11 years. We follow the latest technological trends in the world and constantly improve our knowledge and develop our team.We offer extending teams with talented software engineers in .Net, Open-Source, mobile application, and software testing. Also, we can supplement the team with business analysts, project managers, and DevOps experts.

In each direction, specialists work with world-class software languages.

.Net development department

            Web ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, .NET Core, WCF
             AJAX, single-page applications (AngularJS, ReactJS),WebForms
             ADO.NET, Entity Framework, NHibernate
             Enterprise Services
             OAuth, JWT, ActiveDirectory with Federation Services
             WPF и XAML
             .NET Core
             Win32 API (C++, C#)
            Cloud services
             Microsoft Azure
             Amazon Web Services (AWS)
             MS SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL
             SQL Server Reporting Services
            Source control
             Git/GitLab, Github, Bitbucket
             Microsoft Team Foundation Server
            Continuous Integration (CI)/Assembly automation VSO/TFS
             Microsoft Visual Studio / Visual Studio
             Android Studio, PHPStorm, PyCharm

              Open-Source department

              Backend development PHP
               JS (Node.js)
               TS (Node.js)
              Frontend development
              CMS & Administration panels
               October CMS
               Laravel Nova
              Frameworks (backend)
              Frameworks (frontend)i
               Angular 2+

              Mobile application development department

              Mobile application development Cordova, PhoneGap
               Android (Java, C++)
               iOS (Objective-C, Swift, C++)

              QA and Testing department

               Testing and consistency checking according to the documentation requirements

               Development of a comprehensive software testing plan

               Development of test documentation

               Functional testing of software

               Software regression testing

               Software stress testing

               Software performance testing

               Software compatibility testing.

               Installation testing

               Automated testing

               Drošības testēšana.

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