Navigating the Upgrades: An Insight into Odoo 17

Welcome to our latest blog post, where we're thrilled to introduce you to the release of Odoo 17. Odoo has been transforming the way businesses operate, and with this new release, they're pushing the boundaries even further.

Odoo 17 comes packed with an impressive array of new features, each designed to streamline your business processes, enhance productivity, and drive growth. We know you're eager to explore what's new in Odoo 17. So, without further ado, let's dive into the ocean of innovation that awaits you. Stay tuned as we unravel the treasures hidden in the depths of this outstanding ERP solution!


Say goodbye to the old interface design of Odoo 16.


Odoo Interface - Midis - 1


Odoo Interface - Midis - 2

Easily switch to the Dark mode if preferable.

Odoo Interface - Midis - 3


You can now easily create content using ChatGPT inside Odoo.

Odoo Website - Midis - 4

Odoo Website - Midis - 5

All images are automatically converted to WebP format.

Odoo Website - Midis - 6

A new shapes catalog has been added.

Odoo Website - Midis - 7

You can now also add animation on hover.

Odoo Website - Midis - 8

Easier choosing of page templates

Odoo Website - Midis - 9

and adding elements to the header.

Odoo Website - Midis - 10


Odoo 17 takes e-commerce to new heights by introducing product tags and displaying product attributes with images. This results in a faster and more user-friendly shopping experience.

Odoo eCommerce - Midis - 11

Automatic address selection during checkout increases efficiency, ensuring a seamless process for customers.

Odoo 17 enables businesses to offer monthly subscriptions with an easy-to-use portal for customers.

Odoo eCommerce - Midis - 12

Subscriptions and other data can be easily tracked from the new dashboards.

Odoo eCommerce - Midis - 13

When creating a quotation, products can now be added from a catalog.

Odoo eCommerce - Midis - 14

Odoo eCommerce - Midis - 15

Odoo 17 also has a PDF quotation builder. Just click on the View Details button.

Odoo eCommerce - Midis - 16

You will see a PDF preview of your quotation.

Odoo eCommerce - Midis - 17

Creating sharp and personalized quotations, coupled with one-click sales order sending through WhatsApp, streamlines the entire sales workflow.

Odoo eCommerce - Midis - 18

Point of Sales

A new self-service kiosk for easy ordering and menu combos.

Odoo Point of Sales - Midis - 19

The customer display is where you can book a table online, see QR code menus, and self-order.

Odoo Point of Sales - Midis - 20

Reservations can be viewed on the floor plan, including mobile view.

Odoo Point of Sales - Midis - 21

A brand new preparation app that shows smooth work in the kitchen.

Odoo Point of Sales - Midis - 22

Project Management

Project management has been improved with one-line shortcuts in the title.

You can repeat a task every week instead of setting it as an ongoing one.

Odoo Project Management - Midis - 23

Communication got easier. You can autotranslate messages and tag colleagues.

Odoo Project Management - Midis - 24

Clicking on the Kanban view allows you to set up automation.

Odoo Project Management - Midis - 25

Automate as many tasks as you want.

Odoo Project Management - Midis - 26

You can view the status of the subtasks directly on the task card.

Odoo Project Management - Midis - 27

Timesheets & Planning

In Timesheets, you can now see daily overtime or missed hours.

Odoo Timesheets & Planning - Midis - 28

In Planning, you can now split shifts from this

Odoo Timesheets & Planning - Midis - 29

Odoo Timesheets & Planning - Midis - 30

You can also automatically assign shifts to the appropriate resources.

Odoo Timesheets & Planning - Midis - 31


In the Documents app, the saved contacts are now automatically recognized from the uploaded documents.

Multipage thumbnails and improved split tools have been introduced.

Odoo Finances - Midis - 32

You can create bills directly from the Documents app.

Odoo Finances - Midis - 33

Quickly check deferred expenses in your Accounting app.

Odoo Finances - Midis - 34

Improved analytics.

Odoo Finances - Midis - 35

Odoo 17 has colored matching reconciliation.

Odoo Finances - Midis - 36

You can also manage multiple branches of your company in Odoo 17.

Odoo Finances - Midis - 37

You can see previous versions in spreadsheets.

Odoo Finances - Midis - 38

Odoo Finances - Midis - 39

Easily share it if you want.

Odoo Finances - Midis - 40


Live chat calls and voice messages can be sent in the Discuss module.

Odoo Productivity - Midis - 41

There are some improved call features. You can raise your hand and share your screen during the call.

Odoo Productivity - Midis - 42

You can also search for your old messages.

Odoo Productivity - Midis - 43

In the Knowledge app, you can add comments.

Odoo Productivity - Midis - 44

Check the older versions of the article if necessary

Odoo Productivity - Midis - 45

and export a PDF file.

Odoo Productivity - Midis - 46

You can also add a video to your article.

Odoo Productivity - Midis - 47

Odoo 17 allows content generation for your article using CHatGPT.

Odoo Productivity - Midis - 48

You can now access the activities menu in the main Odoo dashboard.

Odoo Productivity - Midis - 49


Odoo 17 now has a new overview of the Manufacturing Orders.

Odoo Manufacturing - Midis - 50

You can see the status of the components by clicking on it.

Odoo Manufacturing - Midis - 51

If there are components missing, you can quickly replenish them from the same Manufacturing Orders Overview.

Odoo Manufacturing - Midis - 52

Complete your Manufacturing Orders using a barcode scanner.

Odoo Manufacturing - Midis - 53

In the Inventory app, you can update lot locations using drag and drop functionality.

Odoo Manufacturing - Midis - 54

Human Resources

You can now have a hierarchy view of your employees.

Odoo Human Resources - Midis - 55

Quickly generate an employee's resume based on their skills in the Employees app.

Odoo Human Resources - Midis - 56

In the Recruitment app, AI scans the resume and fills in the necessary skills of the applicant.

Odoo Human Resources - Midis - 57

Visitors can now check in using the new FrontDesk app, and the right resources will be notified to pick them up.

Odoo Human Resources - Midis - 58

You can check the room availability in the Meeting Rooms app.

Odoo Human Resources - Midis - 59

You can see the working hours in the Attendances app and update your hours from any screen, thanks to the new check-in button.

Odoo Human Resources - Midis - 60

In the Sign module, you can download all the necessary documents with just one click.

Odoo Human Resources - Midis - 61

Set up automatic reminders not to remember to sign important documents.

Odoo Human Resources - Midis - 62


Odoo 17 stands as a testament to innovation and user-centric design. The features unveiled in this version cater to the diverse needs of businesses, providing a one-stop solution for everything from website redesign to streamlined sales and efficient project management. To learn more about Odoo's features, visit Odoo's official website.

If you are ready to embrace the future of business operations with Odoo 17 – your gateway to enhanced productivity and success, contact us, and we will help you with integration.

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