Odoo Customer Relationship Management System: Up-to-date solution for effective sales

If you are looking to optimize the sales process, be sure to get acquainted with the customer relationship management (CRM) system. Integrating CRM into your daily workflow will help your sales team to increase efficiency through the use of a planned, results-oriented strategy. The complete application of the system will allow you to monitor and analyze the customer's life cycle, improve work and maintain long-term cooperation, promoting higher sales.

Using the CRM system fully, you can achieve some of the efficiency indicators:

  • 75% of salespersons indicate that the CRM system helped increase sales.  [Source: Hubspot]

  • The introduction of the CRM system increased sales by 29%. [Source: Salesforce]

  • The average CRM ROI for every dollar spent is $ 5.80. [Source: Business Wire]

Benefits of using the customer relationship management system 

1. New customer (LEAD) management

The customer relationship management system allows you to collect and aggregate new customers from various sources. For example, on the website, the user fills in a contact form, the message will enter the CRM system as a new customer. Then this new customer is transformed into an opportunity, and the life cycle of the latest customer begins.

2. Lead Activity management

Each new customer has their card. This card records new activities shows completed activities and allows you to schedule further actions, such as making a call next Tuesday. You can track all movements - calls made, appointments offers sent, etc. - to increase the sales process's performance. Such functionality ensures quality work of the salesperson, as it reduces the possibility of losing an activity.

3. Unified data system

Before the salesperson starts working with the new customer, they read the information provided on the card. It gives the salesperson information about who the customer is, what question they have asked, what has been offered to them, what conversations have taken place, etc. All this improves the customer's experience with the company because they receive relevant information every time they move through the sales funnel without giving the same information.

4. Sales pipeline management

The CRM system helps track the customer's movement in the pipeline, regardless of the sales cycle, from 1 day to the month-long sales period of the B2B business. Well-organized work, controlling the customer's movement in the pipeline stages, without losing the cards, even if the sales cycle is several months, strengthens the relationship with customers by forming long-term cooperation links.

5. Sales activities analyses

CRM system analytics allow you to manage: 

  • statistics of won or lost cards;

  • the individual indicators of each salesperson;

  • overall sales team performance;

  • analytical data in different sections - year, quartz, month, week, day.

Odoo CRM application

Odoo  CRM application is a tool that optimizes and increases the efficiency of the sales team. The application allows you to create sales activities, automate tasks, and provide the sales team with customer data.

Odoo CRM system allows to create sales activities.

Create activities by scheduling them and adding comments..

Odoo CRM system: Kanban view, drag and drop functions.

Use the Kanban view and drag and drop cards to change the stage of the customer's funnel.

Odoo CRM: Create and send emails right from the customer’s card.

Create and send emails right from the customer’s card, making it easier to work with the customer. All activities remain on the card, easily tracking the activity history with the customer.

Odoo CRM reporting capabilities.

Odoo CRM reporting capabilities provide a deeper insight into the salesperson's individual and the sales team's performance. You can choose to see statistics in different ways - either visually (bar, line, and pie charts) or in tabular form (raw data or pivot reports).

Odoo CRM: Pipeline Analysis. Pivot table.

Create pivot tables in a few clicks to better analyze pipelines.

Odoo CRM: Allows create a professionally designed sales quotation in the customer card.

You can create a professionally designed sales quotation in the customer card in seconds and send it to the customer's email.

Odoo CRM: Quotation.

The customer can view, download and pay for the received sales quotation in a few clicks by opening it on your website.

Odoo CRM extended capabilities

Odoo CRM application provides much more capabilities. You can extend the functionality to connect a cell phone, call center, or make a call directly from the CRM by entering the phone number right there.

Odoo opportunities

One of the advantages of the Odoo platform is its flexibility, and the ability to grow business management with the necessary applications that interact with each other.

Odoo CRM

Apply for the Odoo demo presentation, and we'll show you how this system will make your business more efficient, allowing you to focus more and spend time on sales opportunities.

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