Wholesale industry: process management in a single platform and arranged stock movement control

In wholesale, as in all sectors, there are many different tasks that need to be managed, from the purchase of goods from suppliers to the distribution of goods to wholesalers and final consumers. It is important to analyze each stage of execution and monitor the performance of the work process. Using the right technological solutions helps to manage the workflow and analyze what has been done as efficiently as possible, thus contributing to faster business development. This time we will talk about the implementation of the Odoo ERP system in the wholesale business.

Depending on the customer's challenge, the appropriate Odoo modules or applications are selected and their functionality is configured. Odoo covers most of the necessary business functions that are not always used. Therefore, when implementing an ERP system, it is configured according to the customer's needs. This allows the customer to use Odoo at maximum capacity, using only the necessary functions. 

When implementing the ERP system in the client's business, Midis is guided by the principles taken over from Odoo and starts the project with a feasibility study. Read more about the feasibility study here. In this way, we lay a good foundation for a successful project. In this article, we will look at one of the ready-made solutions we introduced to a customer operating in the wholesale industry. Project challenges to be solved by entrepreneurs in this sector:

  • Process management on one platform.

  • Business process optimization and automation.

  • Inventory movement management.

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Realization of wholesale industry challenges

Process management in one platform

This is the most common challenge we help our clients with. Typically, as companies evolve, they grow their operations with a variety of software solutions, where each business process has its own system, but this often complicates overall business management. In this way, it becomes difficult to assess the overall picture of the business. To understand the current situation of the business, data must be extracted from various systems, which in most cases takes a long time.

Process management in one system can be solved differently depending on the client's wishes and possibilities. One of the most effective solutions is the implementation of the Odoo ERP system in the business. Each business process has a ready-made module, and all data is stored in a single database, allowing different applications to extract the necessary data, process it in real time, and provide a flexible user experience.

Top applications for the wholesale industry are Purchasing, Inventory, Sales, Customer Relationship Management, Accounting, and E-Commerce. By integrating them, the customer gains:

Odoo Purchase
  • Automated purchasing workflow.

  • Supplier price list and product availability.

  • Procurement tenders.

  • Calculation of the cost of goods.

  • Complete statistics of the procurement process.

Odoo Inventory
  • Efficient warehouse management.

  • Automatic stock replenishment.

  • Barcode scanning using a cell phone.

  • Easy and understandable analysis.

  • Automated stock valuation, including calculation of landed costs.

Odoo Sales
  • Creating and sending quotations to the customer.

  • Order status and customer order tracking from the customer portal.

  • Transparent communication with customers.

Odoo Accounting
  • Automatic invoice generation as soon as an order is received.

  • Simple Invoice and expense management, including staff timesheets.

  • Analysis of financial indicators.

  • Multi-level budgeting (Company level, department level, customer level).

  • Real-time reporting on company financial state, including pending bills and invoices.

Odoo CRM
  • Simple customer movement tracking.

  • Sending sales offers right from the CRM application.

  • Effective work with clients, meeting planning, announcement, statistical data analysis.

Odoo eCommerce
  • Easily integrates with other applications.

  • Connection of payment and delivery options.

  • Marketing optimization: upsale and cross sale features.

  • Extensive shopping experience: customer portal, wish list, live correspondence options, order review.

Business process optimization and automation

By creating close cooperation with the client, we go into his business, perform a feasibility study and understand the situation at the moment and compare it with the desired situation. As a result, we understand what is the gap between these two scenes. Actions that slow down the job are detected. When you take them out, tasks are more productive.

Odoo ERP system is a ready-made solution, it includes world experience in process management. By adopting these principles and using Odoo, the value of the business increases completely. Inventory automation begins with procurement when criteria for replenishing inventory are defined; as soon as one of the criteria is met, the intended actions, notifications, requests for quotation from the supplier, etc. take place accordingly.

When the customer buys in the e-shop, the quantity of goods is available in real time. When you place an order, inventory is restored, an invoice is generated, which automatically appears in the accounting module. In this way, we can see the current financial situation in the accounting module. This module provides statistical reports such as Balance Sheet, Profit, and Loss, Partner Ledger, Aged Receivable, etc.

The stock movement management

Odoo Inventory module | Inventory management

Stock management is one of the most important wholesale assets. Proper management of this process will ensure timely fulfillment of the buyer's requirements. Odoo continuously monitors and updates real-time stock levels through inventory. It allows you to track incoming and outgoing stock. With item tracking capabilities, wholesalers can easily find the types and quantities of items in their stock, as well as manage multiple warehouses.

For more efficient warehouse administration, forecasting can be used, taking into account previous periods. This functionality can be configured to create automated order applications for vendors.

Odoo Inventory module - Forecasting

Odoo ERP system will be a great helper in performing daily work tasks. Of course, the system itself will not create a revolutionary change in business, but a person must administer it. But Odoo is a solution that will help increase productivity and optimize workflow by reducing time-consuming tasks.

Is that all?

Of course not. With Odoo this is just the beginning. The flexibility of the system allows you to expand and add relevant applications.

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