Constitutional Court Project 

Improvement and maintenance of the Constitutional Court WordPress CMS website

Continuous and high-quality operation of the website

As an institution of judicial power, the Constitutional Court exercises its functions by adjudicating the court. The essence of court adjudication in the Constitutional Court, unlike other courts, is to resolve disputes regarding the compliance of legal norms with legal norms of higher legal force.

The home page of the Constitutional Court provides visitors with informative material on the operation of the Constitutional Court, its structure, pending and rejected cases, regulatory enactments, international cooperation, etc. 

The Constitutional Court started cooperation with SIA Midis in August 2021. The project is managed according to the Agile / Scrum methodology, which allows us to provide tangible results to the customer as soon as possible. By working with this methodology, we create a work environment with the customer in which the customer trusts us. All the activities performed are transparent, and weekly meetings allow us to communicate more openly so that the developed product reaches the maximum value.

The main task we perform is maintaining the website and advising the customer to improve the website to make it more user-friendly. It is a long-term project during which we will carry out various improvements and developments. The project involves a team of two specialists, a project manager, and a software developer. Over time, it is planned to increase the team's composition according to the complexity of the tasks.

The content management tool, WordPress, is built on the open-source software PHP, which means that we can customise according to the customer's wishes. However, mainly we will use the plugins available in WordPress.



To perform maintenance and improvement works of CMS WordPress website following the requirements of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Latvia for 36 months.


Continuous operation of the website, a list of WordPress plugins to make the website more user-friendly. Consultations in working with CMS WordPress tool.


The customer receives a stable, uninterrupted operation of the website. They understand the principles of CMS WordPress and can handle it better, which allows you to perform the necessary tasks faster.