Project Otanki Mill

A web-based solution on mobile. An application that helps you easily assign an order to a driver, update the order status, and track the driver's location 

Software solution for a company that performs transportation of agricultural products

​About Otanki Mill

Otanki Mill is one of the leading providers of agricultural services in the Baltic States and the European Union. It is a leader in grain transportation in Latvia and a producer of organic fertilizers, food, and fodder products. This certified multi-disciplinary company has been successfully operating for more than 25 years.

One of the services provided by the client's company is the transportation of agricultural products in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, Germany, Austria, France, Italy, the Czech Republic, Hungary, and other European countries. 

Employing full-time and freelance drivers, the company needs a centralized management system to facilitate daily work processes, including fast and convenient processing of customer applications, driver control, and cargo tracking.

About the Project

This project is a web solution that works as an app on a mobile device. This allows the client to reduce project costs and use the solution's functionality on a mobile device as a regular application. At the same time, additional challenges arise in achieving the required result; that is, when the mobile phone screen is locked, the tracking functionality stops working. To solve this, our Android application developer joined the project for a short period and created an app shell that periodically activated and interacted between the app and the server, allowing the driver to be located and send data to the server. This way, phone resources are saved, as GPS systems consume much mobile device battery power.

Solution Functionality

​Driver Status

The operator in the application assigns an order to the driver, who receives a new notification. When connecting to the application, the driver can access a list of orders, the task to be performed, and the execution time. The driver indicates the status according to the current situation, for example, driving, arriving, loading cargo, and loaded cargo. When the order is accepted, the tracking function is automatically activated.

​SMS Functionality

The SMS functionality works according to the driver's location. For example, when the driver has 40km left to the destination, the system sends a message to the customer indicating the driver's distance from him. At the same time, when determining the location, the driver cannot change the status, for example, to "loading cargo," if the app determines that he is 40 km from the destination.

​Order loading

When the driver has arrived at the customer and loaded the product into the truck, he must fill out a form indicating how much has been loaded. The solution also includes the camera's functionality, which needs to be used to fill out the form, as the driver needs to take a photo of the document, which, when uploaded to the server, the system adds to the order. The driver can cancel the order and indicate the reason for cancellation.


Develop a convenient and modern solution that will work on Android devices to process customer orders, control drivers, and track the location of the cargo.


A web-based solution that runs on Android devices. When processing the order, the operator assigns it to the driver, who can indicate the fulfillment status, send an SMS message to the customer according to the set freight transport distance from the destination, and fill out the form, when accepting the product.


A solution that allows you to manage orders and drivers in one system, monitor the status of each order in real-time, track the location of the cargo, and warn the customer in time about the driver's arrival time.